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PowHer Performance Seeks to Make Fitness More Accessible for Women in Cheatham

An open house for PowHer Performance will be held on November 12, 2022 (Photo: Meri Crisp) BY: Micca Terrell A local business owner working to improve her own wellness is now expanding her vision to help make fitness more accessible to women all across Cheatham County. Valerie Kemp, owner of her own accounting firm, will officially launch PowHer Performance, Inc. with an open house at 113 N. Vine St. from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. on Nov. 12. The boutique fitness studio will offer classes in a wide variety of disciplines including yoga, Pilates, cardio, and strength training, as well as personal fitness training, nutrition coaching, and massage therapy. The idea for PowHer Performance grew out of Kemp's own personal experiences.

"I have struggled with my weight since I came out of the womb. I thought once that if I had the perfect body, like the ones we see in magazines, that I would be happy. I realized after the death of my father on Christmas Day in 2020 that I'm perfectly imperfect. My body serves me well and allows me to work at a computer 12 to 14 hours a day. I've been working with yoga instructors, taking Pilates, doing cardio, massage therapy to help become stronger and healthier," Kemp said. While these self-care sessions were in Nashville, she soon realized the cost and the drive were taking their toll.

Women 18 and up from all fitness levels are welcome at PowHer Performance, Inc. (Photo: Meri Crisp) Kemp decided that it was time to bring wellness and community together and founded PowHer Performance, Inc. "I feel funny opening up a gym, because I don't look like the typical gym owner. I want other women to love themselves. For so many years I didn't. I just want people to have a space to feel empowered, and I also want to help build community among women, especially with so many new people coming to our area," Kemp said. "Our sense of community tends to be online, but we need in-person interaction," she added. Women 18 and up from all fitness levels are welcome. There will be 30 classes per week, with classes at about 9-12 participants. "This way, the instructors can have one-on-one interaction with the class, even in a group setting," Kemp said. Classes on the schedule include cross training, boot camp, yoga, Pilates, zumba, and hip hop. The earliest sessions begin at 5:30 a.m. and the latest ones are at 7 p.m. to accommodate a wide range of schedules. "Once a month, we will have a girls' night with a dance type class with fun prizes" to help further build community, she said. Kemp would also like to eventually add a children's class on weekends to help the younger generation also become in tune with their fitness. And when the weather's warmer, "we'd like to have PowHer Performance out in the community once a month. We want to have events that engage teen girls," Kemp said. You can find out more about PowHer Performance, Inc., by visiting the Facebook group at or by emailing


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