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Cheatham Residents Cast 20K Ballots in Nov.3 Election

The Election Summary Report (unofficial) put out by the Cheatham County Election Commission late last night revealed that Cheatham County has a total of 27,441 registered voters.

On November 3, a total of 20,191 ballots were cast. Meaning, 73.58% of registered voters took part in the recent election.

In comparison, at the time of the August 6 State Primary and County General Election, Cheatham County had 25,551 registered voters and only 25.87% of eligible voters took part in that election.

Yesterday ,at the national level, Donald Trump gained 71.32% of the Cheatham County favor (14,328). Joe Biden trailed with 27.16% (5,457).

In the race for Tennessee House District 78, Mary Littleton (REP) beat out her democratic opponent, Holly Spann, with 14,057 (72.69% ) residents voting in her favor.

Also on the presidential ballot:

Don Blankenship- 30 votes

Rocky De La Fuente- 15 votes

Howie Hawkins- 27 votes

Jo Jorgensen- 205 votes

Alyson Kennedy- 5 votes

Gloria La Riva- 1 votes

Kanye West- 23 votes

In the race for senate, Bill Hagerty (REP) beat out Marquita Bradshaw (DEM) with 13,990 votes (72.24%). Bradshaw closed the polls with 4,911 votes (25.36%).

Jim Cooper (DEM) had 7,222 unopposed votes for US Rep 5th District. John Rose (REP) gathered 3,995 of the county’s votes, while Chris Finley (DEM) received 1,105 in the race for US Rep 6th District.


The results to the Town of Pleasant View Election can be found here:


In a close Kingston Springs race, Tony Gross clutched the lead in the commissioner’s race with 1,101 votes (29.97%). Right behind him, Glenn Remick drew in 1,031 votes (28.06%). Carolyn Clark had 866 votes.

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