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Anderson, Niccolich, Pritchett Win Pleasant View Election

The Cheatham County Election Commission has released the unofficial results to the November 3, 2020 Town of Pleasant View Election:

Pleasant View Mayor: Bill Anderson (1,387 Votes, 55.73%)

Other Candidate: Heather Hardwick (1,102 Votes, 44.27%)

Pleasant View Alderman 1: Jill Niccolich (1,470 Votes, 35.93%)

Pleasant View Alderman 2: Kyle Pritchett (1,377 Votes, 33.66%)

Other Alderman Candidates: Ronnie Curtis (773 Votes, 18.90%), and Larry Vernon ( 471 Votes, 11.51%)

The sales tax increase was voted down for the second time. 65.37% of voters were against it, with just 34.63% voting in favor.


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