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Airbnb Hosts Offering Free, Temporary Housing to Those Impacted by Tornado Disaster

Airbnb has activated its Open Homes Program in and around Nashville to help those displaced by the recent tornado and relief workers deployed to help.

The program connects Airbnb hosts who are willing and able to provide free housing to displaced residents and disaster relief workers in the activation area.

The Open Homes Program is available through March 24th in Nashville and surrounding areas, including the counties of Benton, Caroll, Davidson, Wilson, Putnam, and Gibson.

Existing Airbnb hosts and anyone with free space in the Nashville area can now opt to list their homes for $0 and offer temporary accommodations to those in need by visiting

“Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the tornado. Airbnb hosts in the Nashville area are showing their support and offering free, temporary housing to those in need and relief workers,” said Kristen Berlacher, Airbnb’s Head of Causes for Open Homes. “As we continue to work with local agencies and disaster relief organizations on the ground to offer our support, we encourage hosts to open up their homes and those in need of housing to take advantage of our community’s generosity.”

Airbnb has also activated its “extenuating circumstances policy” to offer hosts and guests in the impacted area the option of cancelling eligible reservations without charge.

Visit for more information.


Airbnb’s Open Homes program began organically in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and has since grown into a global disaster response initiative that connects Airbnb hosts to people in time of need. In the event of major natural disasters, Airbnb's Open Homes Program helps people who have been displaced -- as well as emergency relief workers and volunteers deployed to help-- find free, temporary accommodations with local Open Homes hosts. To learn more, visit

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