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WCES Second-Graders Honor Vets in Annual Program

On Thursday, November 9, the students of West Cheatham Elementary School held two Veterans Day programs that respectfully honored veterans and allowed students to take part in something both educational and patriotic. In preparation for the event, children studied the history behind the selected music, composed some of their own lyrics, and learned about the sacrifices members of the military make.

Like in years past, students performed two shows- one for the school and staff, and another for parents and the community. Each second-grader played a meaningful role in the programs; some dressed as soldiers, others played instruments, and some took part in duets. For weeks, they worked on their assigned parts during Kaye Hunter’s music classes, and even attended extra rehearsals during her planning periods.

The memorable programs each boasted speakers who spelled the word “veteran” with their speaking parts, emotional slide shows, and a variety of patriotic musical numbers.

“This program is very special for everyone involved. It is my hope to instill in my students a lifelong gratitude to those who protect our country,” says Hunter, the WCES music teacher who proudly coordinated the event that has been an important part of the school’s culture since her arrival at 20 years ago.

(Photos By: Daryell Smith)

Students of WCES

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