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Work to Bring Sebastian Rogers Home Continues, TBI Says

Sebastian Rogers (Photo: TBI)

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced on Friday, March 15, 2024, that the search efforts for 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers continue.

Update from TBI

We haven't forgotten about Sebastian Rogers.

The work to bring him home continues, and TBI agents and analysts and investigators with the Sumner County Sheriff's Office, along with federal law enforcement partners, remain diligent in gathering, reviewing, and analyzing any piece of information that can help make that happen.

We know you care about Sebastian, too. So we want to provide a general update about some of the work that has been done so far to find Sebastian.

On February 26, 2024, 15-year-old Sebastian Rogers disappeared from his Sumner County home, leading to a large-scale ground search that resulted in first responders covering about 2000 total miles in the effort to find him.

Sebastian Rogers (Photo: TBI)

We continue to work with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI to both pro-actively pursue information that may be relevant to the search for Sebastian, and to pursue any tips or pieces of information that come in.

We have not forgotten about Sebastian. Much of the work currently being done to bring Sebastian home may not necessarily be public or visible. But agents, detectives, and intelligence analysts continue to work around the clock to review every bit of information available. Sebastian’s family has remained cooperative since the search began, and have done whatever law enforcement has asked of them.

At this stage in the investigation, there are few clues to indicate what happened to Sebastian, or where he may be. There is not proof at this time that there is any criminal element involved in his disappearance. But also, there is not any proof that there is not a criminal element involved. So agents and investigators are reviewing any possibility at all that may indicate where Sebastian is.

In order to preserve the integrity of the investigation, we cannot discuss many of the specifics surrounding the case. But we know how many people care about Sebastian and what has been done, and is still being done, to bring him home. Also, we want to caution the public about putting too much stock into information being presented in various media forms that is inaccurate or incomplete, and could be damaging to the investigation.

We ask the public to help us by refraining from sharing speculation posted by or discussed by non-official sources and reporting only credible tips or information to 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Information that has been released by the TBI and/or Sumner County Sheriff’s Office throughout the investigation, including a list of frequently asked questions, can be reviewed below.

Q: What areas have been searched?

A: Within the first several days of the search, more than 2000 miles were searched on foot. Many of these areas were initially searched, and searched again. Law enforcement officers have searched the neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and many other areas of the county by foot. Bloodhounds and handlers have searched the same areas. There have been aerial searches with helicopter, drones, and a fixed wing plane. These aerial searches have been conducted on multiple days, and multiple nights, using thermal imaging technology.  Sebastian’s residence, the yard, the house, the vehicles, have all been searched multiple times. The neighborhood where Sebastian lives has been canvassed. Neighbors’ houses have been searched. Sebastian is autistic, and his family says he is drawn to water. Pools in the neighborhood were searched. Dive teams were brought in, and bodies of water around the neighborhood and beyond that area were searched, including caves.

Q: What about the technology aspect? Have you collected security video from area homes and businesses? Have cell phones been checked?

A: Many neighbors and businesses have provided video from home and business surveillance systems. We are grateful for that cooperation. The video has been collected, and from the beginning of the investigation, has been analyzed, and enhanced where possible, by tech experts with the TBI, FBI, and Secret Service. To date, nothing gathered from these video systems has been determined to be significant. We do caution that some surveillance video being shared in the public may have been misinterpreted or misidentified, or not shown in its entirety. It has been determined that it does not hold any evidentiary significance to the investigation. Numerous search warrants have been executed. Cell phone data has been analyzed, and any other available digital evidence has been collected, searched, and documented. Information was collected from Sebastian’s gaming system and has been analyzed. With help from the FBI, vehicles that were placed in the area at or around the time of Sebastian’s disappearance have been accounted for. These videos and all the electronic evidence that has already been reviewed, is often also being re-investigated.

Q: What’s going on now in the investigation? What’s next?

A: The search for Sebastian has not stopped. Every day, tips and leads are investigated. People are being interviewed, and re-interviewed. Evidence that has been reviewed once already is being gone over again. We continue to ask residents in the area of the search to keep an eye on your property, to see if anything may have been moved or displaced. Is this a place where a child could have hidden? If you have property that has ledges, or holes that a teenager might find interesting and you can’t search it yourself, please contact the tip line, and we can have someone check it our for you. If you know Sebastian, and have information about him, what he likes, how he acts, that you think could be relevant, let us know.

We know how many people are so very invested in getting Sebastian home. We will update this information as there may be any developments. Please use the tip line at 1-800-TBI-FIND to provide any relevant information you may have. Or, you can send it to


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