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Wear Red on February 5 To Support Women’s Heart Health

-Micca Terrell

Wearing red in February is not just for Valentine’s Day or your favorite sports teams. On February 5, 2021, you should don your favorite red outfit for National Wear Red Day, which is about raising awareness for women’s heart health, encouraging women to take up healthy habits to reduce their risk of heart disease, and helping educate everyone on the signs, symptoms, and facts around heart disease, according to Ashley Clinard, Public Health Educator, Cheatham County Health Department.

Wear Red Day is of great importance because heart disease claims the lives of more than 400,000 women or 1 in 3 each year, according to data from the American Heart Association, Clinard said, and getting the word out to the women in the community is crucial so they will know just how important prevention and knowledge is when it comes to heart disease.

“Often times women don’t realize they have it (heart disease) until they are in the hospital due to some signs and symptoms being mild. This makes it very important to get the facts out so women will know what to look for, and also how to prevent it,” she said. The Cheatham County Health Department offers educational resources to help women and their families learn more about heart disease.

Taking part in National Wear Red Day is also a great educational tool for the entire community, Clinard said.

“Anyone who wants to, can participate. We are encouraging everyone in the community to show support somehow, if they wear red or want to decorate the office red. Businesses, business and community leaders are also encouraged to participate to help us bring more awareness to this disease. If you do participate, we would love for you to take a photo to send to us so you, your business, or your community can be given a shout out on social media,” she said.

For more information on National Wear Red Day and heart disease, visit,, or


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