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Veteran-Owned Companies Donate Ramp to Pleasant View Vet

July 5, 2021 (Micca Terrell)

A disabled veteran can get around more easily now, thanks to some generous folks in Pleasant View and a few hours away.

Through concerted efforts by the Pleasant View Police Department and two veteran-owned businesses, Steve Benton received a new ramp in mid-June that allows him to get from his home into his yard without the difficulty of navigating steps with his cane.

The campaign to get Benton this much-needed addition to his home began with a concerned neighbor’s stop by City Hall in Pleasant View to alert Chief Tad Wheeler about Benton’s plight. Soon, Wheeler contacted John King, owner of Next Day Access on Industrial Drive, and King got in touch with American Access out of Jackson, Tenn., which manufactures wheelchair ramps.

American Access graciously donated the ramp to Benton, who is an Army veteran and retired Metro Nashville Police Vice Unit officer. The ramp is valued at $5,000.

Within four weeks, Chief Wheeler coordinated with the two companies and now Benton has something he can use for years to come.

“He’s a dog person who worked with a K-9 as part of his job with the Vice Unit. He’s wanted to be able to be independent to do normal things like walk his dog,” Wheeler said.

“Mr. Benton said the ramp was ‘the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.’ It’s great to be able to help someone who’s been serving all his life. We (police officers) have taken an oath to help people, and every day we can make a difference,” the Chief said.

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