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Translation, Language Grant Monies Available for Cheatham Co. Non-Profits

The Tennessee Language (TLC), through the TFLI Fund, is the recipient of two grants that will assist Middle Tennessee organizations with translation and interpretation projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A $25,000 grant from the COVID-19 Response Fund, housed at the United Way of Greater Nashville, is available for translation and interpretation projects for non-profits and faith-based organizations in Davidson, Williamson, Robertson, Cheatham and Hickman Counties.

A $15,000 grant from The Frist Foundation provides funds for COVID-related translation and interpretation projects for non-profits within Davidson County.

The scope of services that may be covered through both grants includes:

  • Translation of documents related to COVID-19 services and information.

  • Interpretation: Face-to-face, telephonic or video remote - for meetings, lectures, and seminars pertaining to COVID-19.

“These grants address the need to eliminate language barriers,” says Dr. Cesar Muedas, Director, Interpretation and Translation Services, TLC. “Language barriers do not distinguish conditions of healthcare, do not know about creeds, agendas or budgets, and their elimination with translation and interpretation always improves quality of life well beyond the sum of costs, time or efforts.”

To apply, prospective recipients should contact a TLC project Manager to discuss the scope and cost of the project. The estimated dollar amount is required to complete the Request for Funding Application. Applications will be accepted until funds are depleted. TLC Project managers can be reached at 615-741-7579, extension 412, or

About: Tennessee Language Center (TLC) was created as an agency of the State of Tennessee established in 1986 under the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI). It was the only one of its kind in state government throughout the US. Today, Tennessee Language Center, under the direction of the Institute for Public Service of the University of Tennessee, is dedicated to responsive service of the public sector, the business community and private citizens in realizing their intercultural communication goals.


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