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Tomlin Joins Local Law Enforcement in fight Against Drugs

Ty Tomlin joins forces with local law enforcement agencies to raise awareness about drug addiction (Photo: Shot Media Group)

-Amy Hill

Up-and-coming Cheatham County boxer, Ty “Short Fuse” Tomlin, is taking a tough stance on illegal drugs. The undefeated (10-0) fighter will soon be speaking on the subject to local middle and high school students around the county.

While visiting with students, Tomlin will discuss the dangers of experimenting, how poor choices can affect lives, the health risks of drug use, and more.

“The fight against drugs in Cheatham County is to the point where we all need to take notice- not just law enforcement, but all of us as a community,” says Tomlin. "I am tired of seeing our youth affected by the disease of drug addiction, and I want to be part of the positive change."

No stranger to the pain of losing a family member to addiction himself, Tomlin is taking this new “fight” very seriously.

In teaming up with law enforcement (Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office, Pleasant View Police Department, Kingston Springs Police Department, and Ashland City Police Department), Tomlin will also be participating in ride-alongs in order to see what local officers are up against as they fight in the war on drugs.

"It takes a village," says LT. Shannon Heflin with the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office. "We hope that having a superstar athlete like Ty on our side will help shed some light on how bad the problem really is. He has a great deal of character and love for his community. I truly believe he will help us make a difference. "

Lt. Shannon Heflin and Ty "Short Fuse" Tomlin

“I believe Ty can be a solid role model and positive influence to our county’s youth,” says Dale Smith, departmental training instructor with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office. “He has a strong desire to give back to his community and point out alternative ways to relieve stress and anger that plague our youth.”

The initiative is set to roll out within the next few weeks.


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