Tomlin Continues Streak in Biloxi, Celebrates Another KO

-Amy Hill

In his television debut, Cheatham's Ty "Short Fuse" Tomlin celebrated another win on Thursday evening, keeping his perfect record in tact.

Fighting on Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions card, Tomlin quickly dropped opponent Gabriel Guiterrez with a catastrophic body shot.

"I felt amazing coming into this fight," Tomlin says. "As I get more professional experience, I am more calm and confident than ever. This was a huge opportunity for us to fight live on TV and I feel we made the most of it."

The fight, lasting under two minutes, aired on ESPN+ via UFC Fight Pass.

When asked "what's next?" Darryl Tomlin, Ty's manager, says they have a few things in the works that should be finalized soon.

As for Ty, he is ready for what's to come.

"7-0 feels great, but I am ready for what’s next," he says. "Thank you to everyone who tuned in, and to my amazing sponsors for everything they do. Let’s keep it going!"