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TN House of Representatives-District 78 Candidates Speak on Upcoming Election

Krystle James (D)

Krystle James will appear on the ballot as the Democratic nominee for State House of Representatives challenging 10-year incumbent, Mary Littleton. A young entrepreneur, Krystle James is a natural disruptor adaptive to progress and responsive to solutions that uplift an organization. She offers a clear choice for voters in District 78, championing positions that benefit Tennessean families and illuminating the antiquated and out-of-touch voting record of our current representation.

Unlike typical Republican candidates, Krystle James’ heart for public service didn’t come from a wholesome family background nurtured by childhood in a closed community. Rather her background is filled with adversities translated into good choices supported by government-based programs that afforded her an opportunity to stand on her own while elevating others. She grew up in a home where substance abuse was prevalent and left before the ink on her high school diploma was dry. Her story evolved when at the age of 19 she met and then married a young man in the U.S. Air Force and became a military wife. Even though she’d left her childhood home and its presence of alcohol abuse, the post-traumatic side effects of multiple military tours manifested into yet another domestically violent homelife once again fueled by alcohol. By age 23 she was divorced and utterly alone in the world. Krystle James chose to channel herself into educational studies and pursued a dual BSc in Human Biology/Doctorate of Chiropractic program and spent weekends volunteering at her local hospital. Her desire to create a healthy lifestyle led her to fill gaps in her time teaching aerobics classes. Her extreme work ethic promoted her to being hand-picked for middle management in a corporate fitness chain. She thrived in her managerial role, but the call to service returned her to the field of medicine where she spent several years working in aquatic and physical rehabilitation while furthering her education. As she worked towards a graduate program in medicine, she completed a Masters in Business Administration degree, which opened up new opportunities including relocation to Tennessee, where she established herself as a happily married small business owner.

A champion of education, Krystle James believes in fully funding public schools and is a strong supporter of the Tennessee Promise. Education had provided her with numerous, expansive opportunities to explore her talents and work amongst the community from serving as a teacher’s aide to assisting the blind and visually impaired to working with patients in the hospital. At the core of her belief system, ensuring accessible healthcare for everyone and consideration of the environmental impact of health is essential for a thriving, prosperous community. As a young woman, she is committed to opposing legislation that restricts a woman’s right to choose her own reproductive healthcare and family planning. She is currently endorsed by Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood and the TNYD Women’s Caucus for her community activism in promoting women’s rights to equality.

November 8th, the right choice could not be more clear for District 78. Krystle James' involvement and activism is reflective of the concerns of her community as Tennessee continues to undergo accelerated growth. Her experience overcoming personal struggles connect her to the most pressing kitchen table issues including housing, healthcare, education, veteran’s affairs and managing the mental health crisis that is manifesting itself in suicides, domestic violence and gun violence within our communities. Her solutions are founded in creating a greater quality of life for all Tennesseans. It’s time to enforce term limits on outdated representation and choose transparent leadership focused on the collective future. Your vote matters. Vote Krystle. Learn more at

Mary Littleton (R)

Representative Mary Littleton announces campaign for re-election.

State Representative Mary Littleton is seeking re-election to the Tennessee House of

Representatives in the November 8 election. Littleton serves House District 78 in

the Tennessee General Assembly. The district includes all of Cheatham County and a

large portion of Dickson County, including much of the City of Dickson.

Littleton serves as Chairman of the Children and Family Affairs Subcommittee. She

is known for her efforts to protect children and vulnerable adults. Littleton authored

a tough law targeting those who prey on kids. She has supported strong laws against

human trafficking.

"It's an honor to serve our community in the State House," said Littleton. "I'm

seeking re-election to continue promoting public safety and growing our economy,'

remarked Littleton.

Representative Littleton voted to cut taxes while simultaneously creating the largest

Rainy Day Fund in Tennessee history. She fought inflation by opposing reckless

spending. The conservative fiscal policies supported by Littleton and her colleagues

resulted in Tennessee having the least debt of any state and earning our state

recognition as the most financially stable in the U.S.

Littleton was a successful small business owner for 20 years prior to her election to

the Tennessee House of Representatives. She is endorsed by the NRA and Tennessee

Right to Life. Littleton is a member of Pond Church of Christ and a former Vice

Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party.

Additional information about Littleton may be found at


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