'The Sunday House' to Open Next Month in Pleasant View

The community will soon have a new place to grab some home-cooked grub.

Set to open next month, The Sunday House is located at 1020 Industrial Drive in Pleasant View- the former location of Pizza Done Right.

Terri Givens, the proud and excited owner of the town’s newest restaurant, says she hopes to be serving up her favorite dishes by the middle of February.

During the week, Givens says the takeout-only menu will highlight American fare with items like wings and fries. Patrons can expect made-from-scratch sauces like buffalo, teriyaki, and bbq.

On Sundays however, once there is more of a “handle on COVID,” Givens aims to bring an all-day menu to include traditional breakfast items as well as Southern-cooked dinners. Roast beef, chicken and dressing, greens, corn bread, mac and cheese, and deserts will all make their appearance on the Sunday menu which will be announced each Thursday.

“It will be the best Sunday dinner you’ve had since your grandmother cooked it,” Givens says excitedly.

The Sunday House name, according to Givens, “popped into her head” many times before she decided to do some research on the term. Turns out, a “Sunday House” was an old German house built for people commuting to and from town/church, offering them a place to rest and eat on their long journey.

“Just like in the name, I hope our community does the same…stopping to eat before and after church to enjoy food and fellowship,” adds Givens who says she has always wanted to open her own restaurant.

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