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Sycamore's Cassie Groves to Attend Columbia State to Pursue Soccer

Sycamore senior Cassie Groves and her family at her signing with Columbia State Community College on February 21, 2023

The date February 21 has always had meaning for Sycamore High School senior Cassie Groves, as it is her late father's birthday. Because of this significance, the date was chosen for her signing ceremony with Columbia State Community College.

Earlier today, surrounded by coaches, teammates, family, and friends, Groves signed with CSCC where she will continue her soccer career upon graduating from Sycamore.

Playing the sport since she was just three years old, Groves is well known in the area for her skill and sportsmanship on the field. As a four-season War Eagle veteran, Groves boasts 67 career goals and holds a host of related accolades and honors.

During her time at Columbia State, Groves will study kinesiology that may lead her down a career path in sports medicine where she can "help keep athletes doing what they love."

A scholarship will cover most of her housing while she is a student at CSCC.


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