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Sycamore Runner Takes First-Place at East Hickman Meet, Team Grips Second

War Eagle Joshua Novotny celebrated a first-place win in the East Hickman MSCAA meet earlier this week (Photo: Submitted)

Sycamore runner Joshua Novotny took first-place honors at the East Hickman MSCCA meet on Tuesday, August 13, 2022.

A whopping 43 seconds ahead of the next runner, he finished the hilly race with an impressive time of 18:13.

"I felt confident coming in to this race," Novotny says. "It was great seeing the entire team do so well."

To further the success of the War Eagles' day spent at East Hickman, Sycamore took second place in the meet, Brendan Saylor took 11th, and Erykah Rittenberry set a new personal record.

"The runners are pushing their boundaries each week," says Head Coach Devin Roberts. "They are putting their all into these races and it is showing."

The War Eagles cross country team will lace up at Bowie Park in Fairview on September 29.


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