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Sycamore High Students Heading to State TSA Competition this Month

Lewis Forsythe and Noah Stroecker compete in Technology Problem Solving (CCSD)

Sycamore High School students will be advancing to the state TSA competition later this month.

After having its "best showing ever" at the Technology Student Association (TSA) regional competition in January, the following students will be participating at the state level:

• Biotechnology Design, second place: Luke Glasgow, David Greer, Mitch Killebrew, Maddox Mabry and Madelyn Seward • Board Game Design, first place: Hannah Caulfield, Samuel Davis, Chloe Drebenstedt and Savannah Williams • Board Game Design, second place: Keegan Bilodeau, Daniel Davis, Mary Davis, Charlie Easterwood and Brendan Saylor • Children’s Stories, first place: Hannah Caulfield, Chloe Drebenstedt and Savannah Williams • Children’s Stories, second place: Keegan Bilodeau, Mary Davis, Samuel Davis and Brendan Saylor • Extemporaneous Speech, third place: Luke Glasgow • Future Technology Teacher, first place, Ethan Buyukolmez • Future Technology Teacher, third place, Keegan Bilodeau • Technology Problem Solving: second place, Lewis Forsythe and Noah Stroecker • Technology Problem Solving: third place, Soren Boles and Jackson Earle

The state TSA competition will be held March 30-April 2 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Teacher Johnny Staggs is the sponsor of the SHS TSA.


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