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Sycamore Dominates Coopertown, 8th-Graders Honored

-Daryell Smith (Photos: Daryell Smith)

The Coopertown Eagles came to Pleasant View on Tuesday, December 8, to face the Sycamore Middle School Knights on the hardwood.

While the JV girls pulled out a squeaker, winning 23-20, the JV boys dominated the Eagles, 44-7.

The varsity girls powered a 49-13 win, and the varsity boys also topped the Eagles 51-19.

After the ladies celebrated their victory, outgoing Sycamore athletes were honored in the school's annual "8th-grade Night" ceremony:

Lady Knights: Presley Betts, Persia Bishop, Paizley Chandler, Ali Crisp, Ella Dunlap, and Anna Knight

Knights: Daegan Allen, Brayden Bracey, Connor Jones, Ben Kimbrough, Lucas Morris, and Mitchell Randa

Cheerleaders: Ava Childress, Jaiden Guerin, Presley Stotts, and Sofia Romaker


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