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Sycamore Cross Country Team Celebrates Big Gains this Season

War Eagles runners Daniel Davis, Timmy Allen, Josh Novotny, Brendan Saylor, and Turner Adkins (Photo: Ann Saylor)

Despite having just one returning member this season, the War Eagles have made great strides to build a solid cross country program for Sycamore High School.

Having more runners this year compared to last, the team officially has five boys who now make up a complete team. And, with the addition of three female runners, the team total stands at eight- doubling its 2021 size.

Josh Novotny, the sole returner, is joined by Daniel Davis (senior), Brendan Saylor (senior), Timmy Allen (sophomore), Turner Adkins (freshman), Chandler Easterwood (senior), Ariyah Burns (junior), and Erykah Rittenberry (sophomore).

The team is coached by Devin Roberts (head) and Ashley Simon (assistant).

Sycamore senior Chandler Easterwood (Photo: Ann Saylor)

'22 Personal Records

Davis: 22:41

Saylor: 20:09

Novotny: 17:34

Allen: 22:34

Adkins: 22:18

Easterwood: 35:57

Burns: not yet raced

Rittenberry: 40:48

"I am very excited for this year’s season," says Head Coach Devin Roberts. "Everyone on the team is dedicated and works well together. The encouragement I see from the team is amazing! I cannot wait to see how much growth these runners can accomplish in just one season."

"Stay on the lookout for the Sycamore War Eagles, because remember... we don’t run, we fly!" Roberts added enthusiastically.

The War Eagles travel to East Hickman High School today, August 13, 2022.

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