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Stranded Soldier Assists Hotel Guests Trapped in Pleasant View Snow Storm

The soldier was using a rideshare service to get the post late Friday evening when the driver informed him, he would drive no further (Photo: Submitted)

- Micca Terrell

What started out as a springlike Friday in early March quickly turned into a windy snowstorm that left many dozens of Cheatham Countians and visitors stranded on the sides of highways and country roads.

The Sheriff’s Office reported nearly 300 calls for help from the public from the evening of March 11 into the morning of March 12, about 100 more than normal, but thankfully no fatality wrecks were reported.

A young soldier, nervous to be on his way to his first assignment at Fort Campbell, found himself among those stuck in the severe weather, and offered to help in any way he could. Little did he know that the informal “family” that is Cheatham County, would ensure he got to his destination safely.

The soldier was using a rideshare service to get the post late Friday evening when the driver informed him, he would drive no further. The soldier found himself in Pleasant View without a ride to the post, said Amy Johnson-Bloodgood, Front Office Manager of the Hampton Inn Pleasant View.

The hotel, which was already booked up for the night, quickly saw a crowd of stranded guests fill the lobby between 9:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Johnson-Bloodgood said even though no rooms were available, their management company, Imagine Hospitality, made sure the hotel staff had pillows, blankets, and rollaway beds to offer the guests without rooms.

The soldier, identified as Steve Vasquez, stood up and offered to assist hotel staff with placing pillows in their cases, handing out blankets, and putting out rollaway beds. After he handed out waters and everyone settled in for the night, Vasquez did not sleep himself but sat in the lobby, Johnson-Bloodgood said.

The Hampton Inn Pleasant View worked with local authorities to keep stranded motorists safe and warm (Photo: Submitted)

About 40-50 guests stayed in the lobby, while about another 25 or so stayed in the meeting area, she said.

The Hampton Inn Pleasant View worked with Pleasant View Police Department, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office and other emergency authorities to direct stranded folks to safe place at the hotel. It’s the third time that nasty weather has led to this team of community members joining forces to help out strangers and citizens alike.

Lt. Ken Miller with the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office drove Vasquez to Fort Campbell on Saturday morning after the roads were in better condition. Miller explained that Vasquez was to have reported to the post on Friday night, and that it was his first station out of training.

“We had a good conversation about our community, and how we are a true family here in Cheatham County,” Miller said. Deputies were busy over the twelve hours the storm rolled in, he added, taking people home, and helping them find places to stay.

“We’re a great community and we know how to pull together” when times get rough, Miller said.


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