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SHS Student Sends Love to the Elderly

14-year-old Thomas Norvell is helping spread love to local seniors.

As part of the ninth-grade student council, members are required to do community service. Norvell decided to make sure the senior citizens of Cheatham County know they are loved this Valentine's Day.

Through a Valentine's Day card and gift drive, Norvell hopes to spread love and cheer to the residents of Hillcrest Healthcare Center in Ashland City.

"During the pandemic, the residents at Hillcrest have not been able to see family like they are used to, and haven't been able to feel the love they deserve," Norvell says.

Ideas for the drive are Valentine's Day cards, colored pictures, drawings, treats, and small gifts. Some residents, according to Norvell, have expressed interest in bird feeders that attach to the outside of windows and attract birds for them to watch.

Those who wish to help Norvell with his love-spreading project can take items to GoldStar Realty (114 Frey Street, Ashland City), Sandman's Ink Shop ( 1102 N Main Street Ashland City), and Re:defined Boutique located at 1120 Main Street in Pleasant View.

There are 15 males and 45 females at the facility.

The deadline to take part in the initiative is February 12.

"The world is a huge place, and no one should ever feel unloved or lonely," Norvell says. "Just one small gesture can brighten their day- and that is my mission."


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