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“Short Fuse” Tomlin Prepares for TV Debut Fight

Ty “Short Fuse” Tomlin admits he is “really excited and a little nervous” about his first fight to be shown on television, but that he is focusing on keeping his undefeated record intact when he steps into the ring against Gabriel Gutierrez on September 24 on ESPN Plus.

Both Tomlin and his father Darryl Tomlin spoke with The Post via telephone about the intense training schedule before the fight. Normally, the lightweight boxer would be training for about two months before a big event like this one, but with COVID-19, Ty is sparring for eight rounds a day to get ready for this upcoming six round affair. He is also watching videos to prepare, as well as getting into the right frame of mind.

“You can pick up little things (by watching the videos), like how he holds his hands, his stance. Boxing is one of the most mental sports there is, and being calm is important,” Ty said. His ritual of preparation includes a mix of everything: Talking to his dad, thinking through his previous fights, as “a lot of it is experience,” he said.

In his most recent fight in Biloxi, Miss., it took only 68 seconds to knock out his opponent. “I learned to trust my power in that fight,” Ty said. “Staying calm and collected helps you get a knockout like that,” he said.

The fight later this month is not just a big boost for this Cheatham County native’s fighting career, though. “It’s awesome exposure, and it helps bring in new fans. For folks who have been with us from the start, thank you to all of them. We are blessed to have them every step of the way,” Ty said.

Connecting with fans is an important part of what Ty does. “A lot of guys really don’t acknowledge them, and I think you should always be present,” he said. On Aug. 20, Ty spoke with the football team at Sycamore High about keeping it real in their sport. “In these four years, work hard, and you might get to the opportunity to extend your time in athletics, plus you’ve got to avoid distractions,” he recalled of his words to the team.

You can see Ty “Short Fuse” Tomlin in action by watching the fight live on the big screens at Swezey’s in Pleasant View on September 24, or you can buy tickets to the bout in Biloxi, Miss. For ticket information, contact Darryl Tomlin at 615-415-0645.


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