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School District In Dire Need of Subs

In a letter addressed to the families of Cheatham County students, ESS, the company that manages the district's substitute employee program, answers questions and provides details about becoming a substitute teacher within the county's schools.

As you are all aware, we are struggling with a tremendous shortage of substitute teachers. It is imperative that we properly and safely staff our schools each day and becoming a substitute teacher is a HUGE way to help! Check out these FAQ’s on subbing in Cheatham County:

  1. I have another job. Can I still sub? YES! We only ask our subs to work 4 days per month, anything helps!

  2. Can I sub at my child’s school? OF COURSE!

  3. Can I just work with one grade group? YES! You are able to choose what assignments you take. You can stick with elementary grades, only sub at high schools, or change it up everyday. You are in charge of your schedule 😊

  4. I’ve never taught. Is training provided? Yes. ESS is a nationwide company that has experience staffing thousands of subs in school districts across the country. Our team has compiled proven teaching strategies and techniques that we provide training on prior to entering the classroom. Additionally, we are here every step of the way to assist you with any questions.

Check out our website and start your application to become a substitute today:

If you aren’t able to sub, maybe you know someone who is! The best thing you can do to help, short of stepping in the classroom, is to spread the word to people you know! Share the ESS link above with others and follow our Facebook page (ESS Cheatham County, TN)!

Benefits to subbing with ESS include:

  • Weekly pay

  • Medical/Dental/Vision benefits offered

  • Ongoing training and support

  • Stay on your child’s schedule

  • Flexible schedule (Work 1-5 days per week! You choose!)

If you or someone you know is interested in subbing and/or have any questions, please reach out to our team through the contact information below. We are ready and waiting to meet you!

Lori Green, Applicant Specialist: 615.972.1970

Carly Moore, District Manager: 615.210.3621


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