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Rampage SC Represents at Quest Fest

The Rampage SC 2013 Girls Team (Photo: Submitted)

On April 5-7, 2024, four Rampage SC teams traveled to Goodlettsville for the Quest Fest tournament. All four teams finished out the weekend out with some hardware.

The Rampage 06/08 girls high school team had a strong showing at the tournament, winning its first three games ( 1-0, 9-0 and 5-0 ) which secured their spot in the championship game. While they fell short (3-0), they still finished as finalists.

Rampage 06/08 Girls: Emory Wilson, Mackenzie Coombs, Hailey Reed, Kyleigh Binkley, Grace Cunningham, Caitlyn Mercado, Leilyn Mercado. Addie Bega, Raelynn Fredrick, Emily Tuttle, Mariela Sanchez Valle, Kinleigh Lewis, Payton Chavis and Hailey Hines.

The Rampage SC 06/08 girls team (Photo: Submitted)

The Rampage SC 11/12 boys red team was able to overcome two early losses in pool play ( 5-3, 6-0 ), moving on to pick up a 6-0 win in their third matchup. The win moved them into the silver bracket championship game, but they were unable to secure the gold.

Rampage 06/08 Boys Red: Culley Carmack, Trenten Del Giorno, Isaiah Ligon, Chase Wansing, Jameson Moran, Dawson Smith, Shawn Harold, Matteo Munera, Cale Laning, Wyatt Dixon, William Moffitt, Titus Dixon, Colin Silvey, Flint Herbek, Rylan Lopez, and Daniel Gonzalez.

The Rampage SC 11/12 Boys Red Team (Photo: Submitted)

The Rampage SC 11/12 girls team, after narrowly dropping their first game ( 3-2 ), battled back to pick up two straight wins ( 4-1, 3-1 ) which earned them a spot in the championship game. The girls came up just shy of the win, falling ( 2-0 ) to finish as finalists.

Rampage 11/12 Girls: Amelia Beltowski, Yudiany Perdomo Mejia, Sofia Bock, Amalia Matiz, Evelyn Vicuna, Skylee Chambers, Eliot Harris, Sydney Mitchell, Kayren Fish, Abby Ardnt, Ady Clements, Leah Thompson, Cassidy Lane, Nahlia Praseutsinh, and Hadley Philips.

The Rampage SC 11/12 girls team (Photo: Submitted)

The Rampage SC 2013 girls team fell in their first game of pool play ( 4-1 ), but were able to pull out two straight wins ( 2-0, 9-0) which propelled them into the championship game where they secured the gold with a ( 5-1 ) win.

Rampage 2013 Girls: Jessa Holman, Addy Lopez, Molly Moran, Lycan Chandler, Addisyn Whitson, Stella Jolly, Tensley Zellman, Emma Kate Hunt, Lianna Kujawski, Canyon Holman, Lacey Lane, Sydney Thompson, and Piper Harris.


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