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PV Leaders to Vote on Zone Change for New Mixed-Development

-Micca Terrell

Pleasant View’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be considering an ordinance at the March 11, 2021, regular meeting which would rezone approximately 35.7 acres of land along Highway 41A across from the Kimberly Drive intersection for a new mixed used development. The area is diagonal to the current Pleasant View Village complex.

The Planning Commission examined the preliminary master plan for the Ponds at Pleasant View/Warner Hills development during their February 23, 2021 meeting and voted to recommend its approval to city leaders with amendments that included maximum density of 100 single family detached homes and 100 multifamily units above retail and office space. The exteriors of the residential homes would be required to be at least 75% brick or stone, with commercial and mixed-use structures to be similar in design to the residential structures; furthermore, no multi-family homes would be on the first floor of mixed use or commercial structures, according to the zoning proposal Ordinance 21-07.

Alderman Jill Niccolich, who attended the planning commission meeting, said it was possible the developers Robert A. Warner and Suzanne G. Warner could build up to four levels in the development, but it was not clear whether that would happen. There is also a possibility of rooftop terraces for the condominiums on the top floors, which would be the first ones in Pleasant View, Niccolich said.

Regarding traffic in the area, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has studied the intersection and there was not enough volume to require a new traffic light, but a turning lane for people turning left into the new development would be added, she said.

Niccolich asked citizens and town leaders alike to approach the development with “open hearts and open minds” as they look ahead to the future of their community.

“This development has the commercial aspects we need to keep Pleasant View going in the right direction,” she said.

A town-hall style meeting on this new development will be held at the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Station 1 on Main Street on March 25, at 5 p.m., with the Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s workshop following at 6 p.m.


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