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PV Delivery Offers Transports, Creates New Partnerships

PV Delivery began about a year and a half ago, steadily expanding along the way (Photo: Submitted)

BY: Micca Terrell Locally owned food delivery service PV Delivery has grown since it began about a year and a half ago, with the addition of a transport service to their options for customers. The delivery service also has boosted support of other local businesses by creating new partnerships to deliver fresh foods and bottled liquor. Co-owner Kristine Cole said she and her husband began their delivery business back in January 2021 “to serve the community, fulfilling a need that was not available to our area while at the same time supporting local businesses and keeping the tax dollars at home. We continue to serve Pleasant View residents and most recently residents in other areas within ten miles of the Hampton Inn on Exit 24 while still only delivering from Pleasant View establishments.” The transport side of the business began about nine months ago, Cole said. “Lunch deliveries were dwindling because people were starting to commute back to Nashville. Meanwhile, we noticed in our neighborhood Uber was frequently canceling transports to BNA (Nashville International Airport). We began transporting by just helping friends and neighbors last minute with rides to the airport,” she explained.

The business has now grown to transporting from Pleasant View and surrounding communities 24/7, minus the time on Sunday the Coles are in church. “We now make 4-6 daily drives to BNA alone. When available we will assist customers needing transport to doctor appointments, picking up vehicles, rides to employment, etc., by appointment only,” Cole said. Soaring prices at the gas pump have impacted their business, but she said they have only slightly increased their rates, “as we understand all have been impacted by present day America as well.” All the money they have collected thus far with the business has gone toward fuel for their vehicles, property taxes, car maintenance, and most recently towards the purchase of a larger transport vehicle. Community support of the transport business has been strong, as well as the food delivery service. PV Delivery’s current list of participating restaurants includes mostly locally owned companies. “Most recently we are also bonded and partnered with Black Dog Spirits and Ale,” a locally owned liquor store, Cole said. “Our current rate for delivery is $6.99 if within the five miles of Hampton Inn or $9.99 if within 5-10 miles. If you place a Black Dog order with your food, you are only charged an additional $5 with your food delivery fee,” Cole added. As far as grocery deliveries, PV Delivery now partners with H.G. Hills and Pleasant View Nursery and Florist six days a week, she said. The nursery has a variety of local grocery items like milk, eggs, cheese, produce, baked goods, and other products. The grocery service is $9.99, by appointment only and serves anyone within ten miles of the Hampton on Exit 24. To learn more about PV Delivery or to book an appointment, call or text 217-303-2559. You can also check out their Facebook page at


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