PV Community Park Improvements Take Shape

-Micca Terrell

It won’t be long before families in Pleasant View will have even more room to park at the town’s Community Park. New parking space is taking shape in the back of the park property, with grading and curb work underway.

“We are doubling our parking lot in the back of the park. It will be a mirror image of the current lot and we will be gaining about 100 more spots,” said Jill Niccolich, Pleasant View alderman and board member of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The completion date is dependent on the weather, but Niccolich said the department hopes it is finished by late spring 2021.

New parking is not the only perk of the improvements, which are being funded by a state grant.

“The town received the LPRF grant in 2019. It was a matching grant for a total of $225,245.00. As part of this grant, we are doubling our parking lot in the back and will be installing stadium grade field lighting in the back of the park. Behind the new parking lot will be more practice field space leveled out. Having these must-have park additions prepares us to get the parks ready for the next level,” she said.

A local family helped the improvements become a reality by contributing land.

“Lynn Seifert and her family donated the easement at the front of the property and the back of the property to the park to allow an addition to our nature trail from the new subdivision on Pleasant View Road to Community Park. So, it added to our trail space and we are so thankful to Lynn and her family for that donation,” Niccolich said.

Donations of labor for leveling out the new parking lot and field space came from Bumpus Home Builders and Rick Reda, she said.