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Pleasant View's White Pony Piercing & Jewelry Celebrates Grand Opening

Shortly after her 2019 move to Pleasant View, Bonnie Ellingwood noticed that her new town did not have a piercing or tattoo shop.

"It was strange to me, because working in Nashville they are everywhere; Clarksville too," Ellingwood said.

When the commute to Nashville took a toll on her family time, she decided to change that by opening up her own shop, White Pony Piercing & Jewelry.

The shop celebrated their grand opening on May 20, 2022.

"My journey to opening a shop here in Pleasant View started when I vowed I'd make more time for my family," she said. "I quit my job and poured every single minute of each day into remodeling this space to make it everything I'd ever wanted."

Located at 6320 US-41 ALT, STE 200, Ellingwood hopes that White Pony brings something unique to the area, representing the industry in a positive and professional way.

"Most people have been shocked when they come into my space due to the stigma that surrounds tattoo shops," Ellingwood said. "They expect dirty, dark, and scary. When they come here it's bright, clean, and classy. You can be heavily tattooed or a mother daughter duo, and you'll receive the same respect and great experience regardless."

Now boasting 14 years of industry experience, Ellingwood began her journey at a small shop in Clarksville. She has also worked and trained piercers in Dickson, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

Bonnie Ellington has 14 years of piercing experience (Photo: Submitted)

Focusing on the latest piercing techniques and the highest standards of jewelry quality, Ellingwood strives to stay on top of the trends in order to bring a knowledgeable, informative experience as well as a clean, safe environment to everyone who walks through her door.

"Our industry is forever growing, updating, and becoming more efficient," she added.

Ellingwood is the mother of two children, two Corgis, and three cats.

White Pony Piercing & Jewelry can be found on Facebook and instagram.


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