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Plasma Donations Needed During International Plasma Awareness Week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 2, 2023) – As International Plasma Awareness Week kicks off, Blood Assurance is urging donors to roll up a sleeve and donate.

The community nonprofit is in critical need of those with type A and AB blood to donate plasma. On Monday, Blood Assurance had just 27 plasma units of type A and AB, combined. The blood bank needs to have at least 100 units of both types in order to adequately supply local hospitals.

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood and lymphatic fluid, which makes up about half its volume. It is devoid of cells, and, unlike serum, has not clotted. Blood plasma contains antibodies and other proteins.

“Plasma is vital for proper blood clotting and fighting diseases. Donations are used to treat patients who have rare diseases, and receive plasma-derived therapies,” according to Dr. Liz Culler, chief medical officer for Blood Assurance. “The donation process is simple, and can take one to three hours.”

The call for donations comes at the start of International Plasma Awareness Week. The annual initiative, taking place this year from Oct. 2-6, seeks to raise global awareness about plasma collection, recognize the valued contributions of donors, and increase understanding about plasma protein therapies and rare diseases.

Donors can visit, call 800-962-0628, or text BAGIVE to 999777, to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are also accepted. During the month of October, all donors will receive a vintage Blood Assurance item, such as a t-shirt, coffee mug, cooler tote, and more.

To be eligible to donate, you must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with parental consent), weigh 110 pounds or more and be in good health. Donors are asked to drink plenty of fluids and eat a hearty meal prior to donating.

For more information on International Plasma Awareness Week, visit:


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