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New Local RV Rental Company Makes Road Trips Easier

-Micca Terrell

Instead of taking a cruise or buying a plane ticket for that next vacation, camping out or a road trip might be fun travel options for you, thanks to a new local company that rents recreational vehicles. Hitchin’ Memories has seven RV’s available, all brand new 2021 models of various sizes, from 17 feet to 26 feet, and can accommodate 4 to 10 people. All are outfitted with supplies except for bed linens and food, according to owner Joe Sosh.

“When you come to the camper, you just need to bring your food and yourself,” Sosh said. Kitchens in the RV’s have plates, forks, knives, skillets, coffee pots, chairs, and even a griddle in some models. Customers will need to bring their own bed linens and towels, or they can have sheets and blankets supplied for them for a nominal fee. Fresh water is also on board if you’d like to do what’s called “boondocking,” or camping out without connecting to utilities at a campground; optional generators are available for an added fee, he said.

To protect clients’ safety, rentals are cleaned and sanitized following CDC guidelines, Sosh said.

Sosh and his wife started the business about five months ago, and have had about 14 rentals so far, with clients taking to the road both in the state of Tennessee and out of state. How long you rent is up to you, he said. Some clients have opted for weekends while others have rented RV’s for several weeks.

To reserve an RV for travel, customers must schedule their trip, arrange their payments, insurance, and contracts through platforms RVShare and Outdoorsy, which work like AirBNB but for RV rentals, Sosh said.

“The platforms help protect both me and the renter,” he explained.

Novices and folks without a tow vehicle can also take advantage of the ease of RV rentals. Training and delivery are also available through Hitchin’ Memories, with delivery available 65-70 miles outside Nashville.

Having a business in the travel industry might seem a little daunting during a pandemic, but Sosh said he and his wife have grown up camping and enjoy the beauty of Tennessee’s parks. They have instilled that love of the outdoors into their daughters and have spent 150 days or more on the road in the state, and as far away as Florida.

For more information on Hitchin’ Memories, check the company’s Instagram @hitchin_memories, their Facebook at You can also call them at 615-545-0476.


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