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Mundy and Midnight Steal Spotlight

Trey Mundy practices in rain, snow, and high heat to be as successful as he is (Photo Submitted)

For as long as he has been alive, nine-year-old Trey Mundy has fostered a profound love for horses.

Mundy and his three ponies- Midnight, CoCo, and Sugar Candy- have taken part in over 50 competitions over the past year during which Trey has won many prizes.

But none of this glory comes without hard work and extreme dedication.

Trey exercises his ponies and horses for hours every day of the year, facing all sorts of extreme weather conditions. During the summer months, he spends most of his time at the barn and during the school year, he squeezes in the time once he returns home from Pleasant View Elementary where he is currently a third grade student.

Trey's mother, Kristen Mundy, a science teacher at Sycamore Middle School, says she traded in a dirt bike for her son's first pony when she was pregnant with him.

"Trey comes from a barrel racing family," Mundy says. "My husband and I both compete, as do most of his extended family members. My husband and I have both been Tennessee State champions in horse racing."

This year alone, Some of Trey's most notable accomplishments with Midnight, "the star of the show," have been:

-June 15-19, Jackson, Mississippi: Pony Race Champion of the All American Youth Barrel Race

-July 9-11, Liberty, Kentucky: Bash 4 Cash Pony Express Champion

-July 24, Lebanon, Tennessee: Annual Independence Day Barrel Bash Pony Race Champion

-August 8, Lebanon, Tennessee: Tennessee State Fair Pony Express Champion

-September 2-5, Lebanon, Tennessee: Tennessee State Saddle Club Association Pony Race Champion

This year alone, Mundy and Midnight have won many prizes (Photo Submitted)

"I love all of my ponies because they are pretty and fast," Trey says. "When I go to a show, I just try my best and Midnight likes when everyone cheers for him."


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