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Meri Crisp Photography Moving to New Location

September 3, 2021 (BY: Micca Terrell)

A professional photographer who helps others capture their milestones for generations to come, is now working on a milestone of her own. Meri Crisp, owner of her own photography studio in Pleasant View for nearly two decades, has seen her venture grow tremendously, and now she is moving her business from Highway 41-A to a new location at 1105 Main Street. Crisp said she hopes to have the first clients in the new studio by the week of September 14th.

The new location offers taller ceilings and room for a second studio, as well as a beautiful outdoor area, she said.

“Because I shoot all different types of photography, the new space will allow for me to have more than one setup at a time. It will also give us a larger office space to work in for our volume side of photography,” which includes schools and sports.

Several new features await clients who go to have their portraits made at Crisp’s new studio, including special holiday shoots with Santa. Jolly Saint Nicholas has been portrayed by Crisp’s father since 2003.

The community has cheered on Crisp in her new space, with a grand opening tentatively planned for the fall.

“I feel that we have a fantastic client base, and they have all been really supportive so far. Many are like family and are just as excited as we are; and, they have offered to help with the move, grand opening, et cetera.”

You can find out more about Meri Crisp Photography by visiting the website at or on Facebook at The studio phone number is 615-746-1234.

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