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Make Your Yard a 'Tennessee Smart Yard'

-Sierra A Knaus, Extension Agent

Is your landscaping stuck in the ‘90s? Do you wish you had more natural elements, more songbirds, or more bees and butterflies?

The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University Extension is bringing you expert advice on landscaping ideas and practices that can help. By adopting practices that work with nature to protect it, you will reap the benefits on your property while our communities become healthier places to live. Learn from university experts about ecologically-sound practices, choose what works best for you and your outdoor space, then tell us about it by certifying your Tennessee Smart Yard. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home at the website

Our local creeks and rivers need your help. Did you know that urban and suburban landscapes are a leading cause of degradation of local water resources, and with the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers in our backyard, Cheatham County residents need to learn how to protect our waterways. With every rooftop, roadway, and driveway, the way water moves through the landscape is changed and the potential for pollution grows. But there are many ways that individuals can take actions and be a part of a cumulative effort to protect our waterways all the while improving the quality of private property.

We are joining the effort with UT and TSU Extension to protect the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers by bringing you information from the experts on ecologically sensitive landscaping practices you can start today.

Learn about the practices and select the ones that make sense for you and your outdoor space, then accumulate “inches” as you work to improve your yard. Once you hit 36-inches, certify your Tennessee Smart Yard to receive your official recognition certificate and be eligible to purchase a yard sign to share with others how you are part of the solution.

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace on the website

If you have any questions about the Tennessee Smart Yards, please contact Sierra Knaus, UT&TSU Cheatham County Extension at 615-792-4420 or


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