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Local Sobriety Checkpoint Set for December 16

From 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday, December 16, 2023, the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) will conduct a sobriety checkpoint in the area of Highway 41-A from the Davidson County line to Red Binkley Road.

The focus of this event is to detect and deter impaired drivers, however, as non-compliance with the safety belt and child restraint laws, and distracted driving place people in danger, these laws will also be vigorously enforced as well. There will also be extra traffic enforcement conducted around the county during these times.  


"The Sheriff’s Office recognizes that roadside sobriety checkpoints are highly visible and effective tools in the battle against impaired driving,” said Sheriff Tim Binkley. The Cheatham County Sheriff's Office reminds citizens to buckle up, drive alert, and always find a sober ride home. This enforcement initiative is funded solely by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office.  


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