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Local Pet, Home Care Business Provides Peace of Mind

Cron will care for just about any animal or critter... just not spiders! (Photo: Submitted)

Jessica Cron is known around Pleasant View for her involvement in church and extracurricular activities with her three children. Recently, though, she has made a different name for herself as a local business owner.

With the years her teens will be living at home dwindling, Cron decided it was time to leave behind the job she loved at First Baptist Church Joelton and start a business that would allow her to be more present for them.

On a pure leap of faith last fall, animal-loving Cron started JBC Pet and Home Care, a company devoted to caring for animals and homes while owners are at work or out of town.

"Ultimately, I knew I had three teenagers at home and they needed me," Cron reflects. "They won't be home forever, and you can't get these years back. It was important to me to be more flexible with my time, to be sure I was home by 3:00 in the afternoon, be able to cook dinner, be able to attend all the games, cheer them on, have purposeful conversations, and just be present."

Through JBC Pet and Home Care, Cron allows her clients to have peace of mind when they are away from home. She services Pleasant View and any area located within a 20-minute drive, offering morning, mid-day, and "bedtime" time slots. New customers will get a free consultation so that Cron can be filled in on care instructions and preferences.

Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, lizards, birds- even snakes are within her caring capacity. However, spiders are her "worst nightmare," and are just about the only species she will not interact with.

As a true lover of nature and a child who begged her mom to keep every animal she came across, Cron has found a "job" that feels just right. "There's just nothing better than this for me," she says with excitement.

In her short time of being in business, Cron has already established regular clients who turn to her time and time again for their pet and home care needs.

"This has truly been a wonderful experience so far, and I'm so happy to have taken the leap," she concludes. "My clients know that their house and animals are in trusted hands when they are not home. As a home owner and pet owner myself, I know what that peace of mind means."

The newfound flexibility has allowed Cron to not only do something she is passionate about, but also grants her the time to volunteer at church where she helps lead a women's Bible study and Grief Share class. You can visit the JBC Pet and Home Care website to get a full picture of the services she offers along with pricing at:


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