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Local Dad Creates Comedy, Cheer with New Podcast

-Micca Terrell

Getting a weekly dose of comedy, sports talk, and a little town drama in one sitting is just a few taps away on your cell phone now that a local dad has achieved his dream of creating his own podcast. Stu Mitchell said “The Village Idiot” podcast is all about himself not taking himself too seriously, yet also enjoying conversation with locals about their favorite teams, foods, music, and more.

“I’m a conversational guy, and I enjoy bellying up to the bar and talking sports with people I’ve never met. I hope to bring a very ‘Cheers’ vibe to my podcast, like you’re talking with a buddy,” Mitchell said.

In Pleasant View, he said there is always plenty of great things to talk about and has already uploaded an episode recorded at Swezey’s Pub, and will be featuring other local businesses, such as Big Mike’s Little Doughnuts. Programs with other movers and shakers (like local athletes and political candidates) are also in the works, Mitchell said.

A big live event to support needy families in the community during the holiday season is also in the planning stages. Mitchell’s wife, Mattie Shay Mitchell, President of Liam Changed the World, Inc., a nonprofit named in her son’s memory which helps parents pay for their children’s medical bills and funeral expenses, is using the podcast as a way to get the word out about this year’s Christmas surprise, he said.

But if you think this is all about getting recognition, it’s not, Mattie Shay Mitchell explained about her husband.

“Our goal as a family is to make people smile and give people laughter and an escape from all the sad stuff going on right now. The pandemic has been stressful,” she said.

For more information about Stu Mitchell’s podcast, “The Village Idiot,” you can visit or you can search “The Village Idiot” on iTunes or Spotify.


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