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Local Author Publishes First Book Just in Time for Holidays

To Whom it may concern,

Area resident, Josh Martin, has published his first book, Tux the Husky.

The heart-warming children's book tells the tale of the author's dog, Tux. Through the dog's adoption to adapting to a new baby in the home, the 25-page story covers a range of emotions and experiences.

"I was inspired from our day-to-day lives and raising a baby," Martin says. "I could see how it affected our dog, but I knew they would be great friends."

A resident of neighboring Robertson County, Martin is a carpenter by day, and writer by night. While this was his first book, he says he has always had a "vein of poetry" in him.

This will not be the last we see from Martin, as he says he would like to turn the tale of Tux into a series.

Tux the Husky can be found on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback options.

"Tux the Husky would make a heart-warming gift for children’s stockings this Christmas, and may promote pet adoption in our community. This year, let’s share our family stories and keep our animal shelters empty," says Martin's sister Jamie.

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