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Legends Bank Introduces Her Bank

Legends Bank introduces a new brand to provide a better banking experience for women.

Her Bank officially launched on May 18 with a kick-off event at Ozari in Nashville, TN. Guests were invited to connect and learn more about the brand’s concept through a series of speakers. The speakers consisted of women behind the brand who helped bring Her Bank to life and those who represent the brand’s vision and purpose through their business or initiatives in the community.

The purpose of Her Bank is to celebrate, honor, and support women, especially entrepreneurs, within the markets Legends Bank serves by providing financial services and resources through its own female employee base.

Legends Bank has a long-standing culture of recognizing, promoting, and supporting women in leadership roles, who are a part of key decision-making for the organization. The majority of the bank’s leadership team are women.

"Banking is very much a relationship business. We're empathetic to situations and questions many women have and realize there are still gaps in financial literacy and confidence when it comes to money and finance. Establishing a trusted relationship with your banker is an essential step to gain knowledge and resources that can create a foundation for financial success,” said Britney Campbell, Legends Bank Senior VP of Marketing and Public Relations and co-creator of Her Bank. “Women are busy being the CEO of their lives, and their time is valuable, so we want to offer a banking experience that provides flexibility and convenience with care."

To discover the Her Bank experience, visit and follow them on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn @HerBankByLegends.


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