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Lady War Eagles Grip Second Place in District

Sycamore senior, Raegan Hunter (libero) gets the dig against Montgomery Central (Photo: Angie Camper)

Currently on a brief hiatus before traveling to Gatlinburg on Friday, the Sycamore Lady War Eagles put an action-packed two weeks of play behind them. With half of their district games played to-date, the ladies hold a strong grip on the second-place slot with a 4-1 district record.

"I have been pleased overall with how we've played, and I think we are headed in the right direction," says Head Coach Lea Hunter. "We are getting better every week."

"When we get the ball to our offensive play-makers, we are getting lots of kills," Coach Hunter adds. "Izzy, Gaibri, Anna, Faith, Kathryn, Ashley, and Zaylie get the credit for putting the ball away. However, that gets started by really good passing, and Raegan is one of the best in passing and digs. Jenna and Anna get it done with assists."

On August 22, they traveled down south to take on a tough Harpeth team. The varsity girls struggled to stay on top, and were ultimately taken down by the Indians after losing three of five sets. The junior varsity team, however, was able to pull out a win, making the journey across the river a partial success.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Harpeth

Aces: Izzy McPherson-4; Gaibri Allen and Anna Knight-3

Kills: McPherson-16; Allen-8

Assists: Jenna Andrews-13; Anna Knight-12

Passes to Target: Raegan Hunter-19; Allen-15

Digs: Hunter- 27

Solo Blocks: McPherson-5; Knight and Allen-2

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Harpeth

Aces: Lexi West-7; Brooklyn Hager-3

Kills: West-6

Assists: Violet Geldner-8

Passes to Target: Kendall Walls-5

Digs: West-6; Walls and Gabby Altom-4

Solo Blocks- Emma Wayne-2

The August 23 match against their Cheatham rivals yielded sweeping wins for both the varsity and junior varsity teams.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Cheatham

Aces: Andrews-4; McPherson-2

Kills: McPherson-9; Kathryn Gallutia-7

Assists: Andrews-21; Knight-3

Passes to Target: Hunter and Allen-10; McPherson-8

Digs: Allen-14; McPherson and Hunter-10

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Cheatham

Aces: Madysen Camper and Geldner-2; Hager and Walls-1

Kills: Hagar and Langley-3; Wayne-2

Assists: Geldner-6; Walls and Aly Rae Greene-1

Passes to Target: Wayne-5; West-3

Digs: Walls-16

Solo Blocks: Belle Gwyn-1

In their third straight away game, the Lady Eagles traveled to Fairview on August 25 where the varsity team won three of four sets. The junior varsity team was unable to match the skill of the Yellowjackets who closed out the game in two sets.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Fairview

Aces: Hunter and McPherson-3

Kills: Allen-16; McPherson-14

Assists: Andrews-13; Knight-12

Passes to Target: Hunter-15; Allen-10

Digs: Allen-12

Solo Blocks: McPherson-5; Kathryn Gallutia-1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Fairview

Aces: West-2; Altom-1

Kills: Wayne-5; West-3

Assists: Geldner-6

Passes to Target: West-5; Altom-4

Digs: Wayne-13; West-11

"We traveled to our county and district rivals last week and played very well," says Assistant Coach Chloe Cook. "We came out on top in most of the sets, and succeeded as a team. We are very proud of how the girls played."

Northwest came to Sycamore on August 29 to engage in three matches that made for a long evening on the court. The freshman and varsity teams dropped the Vikings in straight wins, but junior varsity went down in three sets.

Junior Gabby Altom delivers a hit during the home-based JV match against Northwest on August 29 (Photo:Angie Camper)

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Northwest

Aces: Allen-3; Knight 2

Kills: McPherson-16; Allen-8

Passes to Target: Allen-11; McPherson-8; Hunter-6

Digs: Hunter-19; McPherson-14

Blocks: Gallutia-5; Allen-1; Wicks and McPherson-1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Northwest

Aces: West-4; Altom-2

Kills: West-3; Wayne and Hager-1

Assists: Geldner-6

Passes to Target: West-5; Walls-3

Digs: Wayne-15; West-13

Freshman Leaderboard: V. Northwest

Aces: Geldner-2; West, Gwyn, and Greene-1

Kills: Wayne-3; Geldner-2

Assists: Geldner-5

Passes to Target: Camper-4; Wayne and West-3

Digs: Wayne-5; Gwyn-4

Solo Blocks: Langley-1

Ninth-graders Belle Gwyn and Eryn Langley go up for the block against Northwest in the freshman match (Photo: Angie Camper)

After defeating Montgomery Central in three straight sets on Tuesday, August 30, the War Eagles head into the break with an impressive 4-1 district record.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Montgomery Central

Aces: McPherson-6; Andrews-3

Kills: McPherson-9; Allen-7

Assists: Knight-11; Andrews-7

Passes to Target: McPherson-8; Hunter-5

Digs: Hunter-16; McPherson-11

Blocks: Vick and Knight-1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Montgomery Central

Aces: West-4; Wayne-3

Kills: Greene-2; Hager, West, Gwyn, and Wayne-1

Assists: Geldner-7

Passes to Target: West and Wayne- 5

Digs: West and Wayne- 5

Current Overall Record

Varsity: 9-4

Junior Varsity: 4-4

Freshman: 2-0

Current District Standings

Varsity: 4-1

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