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Lady War Eagles Close Out Busy Week with Tourney Win

Despite their efforts, the War Eagles were unable to take down the Creek Wood Red Hawks (Photo: Angie Camper)

Coming off a long weekend in Sevierville, Tennessee for the Great Smoky Volleyball Series, the Lady War Eagles volleyball team had a busy week both on the road and at home.

On Monday, September 12, the ladies from Pleasant View traveled to Clarksville High School for three matches. Unfortunately, the skilled Wildcats swept Sycamore's varsity team in three sets, and both the junior varsity and freshman teams in two.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Clarksville

Aces: Izzy McPherson, Gaibri Allen, Raegan Hunter, Jenna Andrews and Anna Knight-1

Kills: McPherson-14; Allen-7

Assists: Andrews and Knight-8

Passes to Target: Hunter and McPherson- 10

Digs: Allen- 16; Hunter-13

Solo Blocks: Gallutia- 3; Allen-1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Clarksville

Aces: Lexi West-2

Kills: West-4; Emma Wayne-2

Assists: Violet Geldner-5

Passes to Target: West-8; Kendall Walls-4

Digs: West, Wayne, Walls- 5

Freshman Leaderboard: V. Clarksville

Aces: Belle Gwyn- 1

Kills: West-3; Wayne-2

Assists: Violet Geldner-7

Passes to Target: West-8


Solo Blocks- Geldner-1

Freshman Madysen Camper goes for the dig in the junior varsity game at Stewart County (Photo: Angie Camper)

The next day, a roadtrip to Stewart County to face the Rebels. Set on redemption, the Lady War Eagles celebrated both varsity and junior varsity wins.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Stewart Co.

Aces: Knight-4; Andrews-3

Kills: McPherson-14; Allen-6

Assists: Knight-12; Andrews-8

Passes to Target: Hunter-5; Allen-3

Digs: Allen- 16; Hunter-23; McPherson-18

Solo Blocks: Gallutia- 1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Stewart Co.

Aces: Wayne-6; Geldner-4

Kills: Wayne, Langley, Hagar,, and Altom-1

Assists: Violet Geldner-7

Passes to Target: West, Walls, and Altom-3

Digs: West-8; Walls, Altom, and Wayne-7

Finally back in their own gym on September 15, Sycamore faced the number-one seed, the Creek Wood High Red Hawks, in an intense battle of the birds. While the varsity game was hard-fought, the Hawks took down the War Eagles in four sets; Creek Wood's junior varsity team dominated Sycamore's, shutting them down in just two.

Varsity Leaderboard: V. Creek Wood

Aces: McPherson-3

Kills: McPherson-24; Allen-7

Assists: Andrews-19; Knight-14

Passes to Target: McPherson- 12; Hunter and Allen-11

Digs: Allen- 16; Hunter-30; McPherson and Allen-20

Solo Blocks: Gallutia- 6; Knight-4; Betts and Allen-1

Junior Varsity Leaderboard: V. Creek Wood

Aces: West-2

Kills: Hagar and Wayne-2

Assists: Violet Geldner-4

Passes to Target: Altom-5; Walls and West-4

Digs: Wayne-8; Walls-6

"Despite the two losses, we played good all week," says Head Coach Lea Hunter.

The War Eagles faced Fairview in the silver bracket's championship game to take the medals (Photo: Submitted)

The War Eagles closed out their week with a varsity tournament (Creek Wood Lady Red Hawks 1st Annual High School Volleyball Tournament) played at Creek Wood High on Saturday, September 17. Facing Northeast, Dickson, Harpeth, Clarksville, and Fairview, the ladies earned first place honors in the silver bracket.

"We lost to Clarksville again in the tournament, but went on to win against Dickson and Harpeth in our pool. We won the silver bracket by beating Northeast and Fairview. It was a great way to end the week," Hunter adds.

In the week ahead, the ladies will settle in on their home court with games against Cheatham and Fairview. Senior Night will be celebrated on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.


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