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Friends Remember Mimi, Provide Opportunity to Help Family

Metreual "Mimi" Adkisson passed away on November 9 at her home in Ashland City. She was just 44.

A baker and a cook, Mimi had talents that will be missed by people all over the county and beyond. More than that, though, everyone close to her will miss her "loving heart and caring soul."

Due to her untimely passing, Mimi’s family is not only dealing with their devastating loss, but are now facing the financial burden as well. Donations can be made directly to Cheatham County Funeral Home in her memory, or online via Venmo to @Valerie-KempofAC or @Alicia-Johnstone-1.


"Mimi Adkisson was a remarkable woman and will forever be missed. She was a loving and caring mother, significant other, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend with a smile that would brighten anyone’s day regardless of how bad it was going. The love and devotion she had for her boys, Quinten and Xavier, is beyond words and she worked tirelessly to provide for them each and every day. She was not without her struggles, but even on her worst day she could still manage to find the words to make you feel better; and if her words couldn’t make you feel better, her baking and cooking skills surely would! She had a talent in the kitchen that only a few could match.

Some of my fondest memories of Mimi is spending time with her at the ballfield. She loved watching Quinten play football and baseball and was always the biggest cheerleader for all of our boys.

Mimi was more than a friend, she was family. She touched so many lives in this community during her short time here on Earth and those of us who knew her are better for it.

We are all heartbroken over her loss, but hopefully we can find peace in knowing one day we will get to see her beautiful, contagious smile again. Go rest easy my friend."

-Alicia Johnstone

"Mimi- She was the kind of best friend that when you called her needing a friend, she would ask 'do I bring a shovel, liquor, wine, cake, or ice cream?' She was never too busy for anyone. Mimi and I met sometime when we were little. Our older brothers played ball together, and then later on Mimi and I played ball together. We didn't always stay in contact, but when we came back together is was like no time had passed.

Mimi was the type of person we should all strive to be. She was not only my best friend, but my sister, and when I walked away, she would be my kids momma too. She was a God-fearing, unselfish, loving, amazing person. We had the date of birth 12-4, but she was one year older than me. She reminded me of this often. She was older, so I had to listen to her. I can hear her saying this right now and laughing at her own joke. So many of the things she said I can still hear and know exactly what she would tell me. Just like any best friends, we fought. When I say we fought I mean literally. Mimi is the only person I have ever gotten into it so bad with. I believe that's cause we loved each other so hard, and wanted the best for her. When I think back to what that fight was about, I now believe she was fighting just as much for me as she was for herself. She was trying to protect me just as much as she was trying to protect the other. High school was hard for us. One day we would be at each other, then the next week we would be back hang out together. We didn't see each other during our 20s, as we were out trying to find ourselves and build our families. Yet, I thank God for bringing us back together in our 30s. The past 8 years that we have been in touch will be in my heart.

The laughs, the tears, and all the talks we had will never leave me. I wish I could make you understand how amazing and wonderful of person she was. I know no matter the words I write here, you won't be able to feel the light she was to my life and how dim it feels right now without her."

-Connie Pauley

"No matter what was going on in Mimi’s life, she had a unique way of making everyone she encountered feel special. She never shied away from hard work or helping others. I sure will miss her big smile and kind heart."

-Valerie Kemp

"We laid to rest our precious and dear kitchen manager, Mimi Adkisson, this weekend. A most talented, wise and loving Christian lady who mentored to us all. She had an infectious smile and a brain full of old fashioned sense. Though her life here was short lived, she filled it full by giving, loving and sharing of herself each and everyday. Rest In Peace Mimi, we love you and will never forget you."

-Kelly Ellis

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