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French flavors baked fresh in Pleasant View

-Micca Terrell

Fresh-baked French sourdough rolls and breads are only a few minutes away now for folks in Pleasant View. And appropriately enough, Emilie Frances Foote, owner of her home-based baking company, sells her brioches, babkas, cinnamon rolls, and breads on Saturdays at La Belle Naturelle, the artisanal French style apothecary on Highway 49 owned by Anna DiCarlo.

The two kindred spirits met randomly when Foote was searching social media to connect with locally owned businesses after relocating to Middle Tennessee from Arizona a few months ago. Born and raised in the south of France, Foote said she and DiCarlo connected right away.

“She was excited to have found a French girl in her town and who also bakes! We met at her shop and the connection was instantaneous. I feel like she’s the sister I never had,” she said.

Foote, who has worked in the pastry business for several years, rises early in the morning to craft her sourdough specialties for folks to enjoy just hours later at La Belle Naturelle or at Little Gourmand in Nashville.

Creating sourdough breads is a very different process than baking with yeast, she said.

“I tend to use very little salt and choose to use very little sourdough starter in my breads to keep the fermentation very slow and make a sourdough bread as authentic and artisanal as possible. No commercial yeast is added,” Foote explained.

While her products are not gluten-free, most sourdough loaves are vegan, and Foote said some of her customers with digestion issues find her sourdough is more digestible than store bought breads. She invited everyone who has questions to reach out and also check out several new studies on the subject.

You can find Chef Emilie’s products every Saturday from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at La Belle Naturelle and find her on Instagram @chef_emilie.


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