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Former SHS Athlete Dominates College Wrestling, Recognized Nationally

Former standout Sycamore High School wrestler, Caitlin Gilmore, continues to leave her mark in the world of college wrestling.

On November 2, the NCAA released the their National Wrestling Coaches Association Individual Rankings. Gilmore, now a sophomore at Limestone College, ranked eighth in her 155-lb weight class.

Additionally, American Women's Wrestling (AWW) released their Top 25 Women's College Wrestling Multi-Divisional Rankings, in which Gilmore ranked 24th. This multi-divisional ranking takes all of women's wrestling--over 100 college programs--and combines them into one "top 25" ranking.

When she is not putting in the work on the mat, Gilmore is studying physical education and nutrition at Limestone. Upon graduation, her goal is to be a coach.

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