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Fighter’s Family Launches New Auto Repair Business

-Micca Terrell

Balancing work and family are tough tasks for anyone, and especially so when your son is an up-and-coming boxer. Darryl Tomlin started his new auto repair and maintenance business, Tomlin’s Fleet Repair, to help his schedule better align with his son Ty’s busy travel schedule.

“I had this type of business about 15 years ago,” Tomlin said, and had three trucks going to customers’ businesses and homes to perform repairs and maintenance on their vehicles in their parking lots. He had moved to work at local HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies for a while since then, and then lost his job due to COVID-19 cuts.

“Nothing worked with my schedule, traveling with Ty,” he said. “So, I thought we would do what we know,” Tomlin said.

Due to a grueling schedule of physical work and employment at a local electrical installation company, Ty has a couple of days free when he can tag along with his father, and see his dad at work, as well as some of the businesses who are also his boxing sponsors.

Since the company launched in August, TFR has been busy working on trucks and other fleet vehicles at Optimal Fiber, Dillon Transport Agency, Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, The Maynard Man, E&E Towing and Recovery, and others.

For more information about TFR, contact Darryl Tomlin at 615-415-0645.

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