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Donations Still Needed for Cheatham County Veterans Park

The newly constructed Cheatham County Veterans Memorial Park, dedicated in May, will continue adding the names of local Veterans for the foreseeable future, as reported by the park project treasurer, Harold Hodges.

"We previously asked that those wanting a name added to the wall, get their info to us before Aug. 15, so that we had time to get the panels purchased and the names engraved on the wall by Veteran's day this November. We want to be sure that the public knows that names will continue to be added long after that August 15 date, and may be submitted at any time. Any Veteran who ever resided in Cheatham County is eligible to be listed on the wall, while veterans from anywhere can be represented with a paver (multiple sizes available)."

Hodges continued, "as a reminder, those unable to afford the requested $100 donation (to cover the cost of the panel and engraving expenses), may still submit names for listing on the wall. As soon as we receive additional donations to cover those costs, they will also be added to the wall. The public is reminded that there are hard costs to be paid in having the names engraved, and we appeal to their generosity, to help us cover the costs of adding Veteran's to the wall, who may no longer have living relatives in the area, or are financially unable to cover those costs. Donations in any amount are added together to cover the costs of adding individual names as they are submitted, for those sent in without funding."

Hodges concluded, "We hope that everyone in our area will stop by and visit this beautiful place of reflection, remembrance and honor for all our Veterans. It truly is inspiring, and celebrates all those who've served, with special monuments to those who paid the ultimate price."

The park, open both day and night, offers a place of quiet remembrance to all who visit.

Donations and/or names (either local Veteran's on the wall, or out-of-county veterans for pavers) can be submitted to: Cheatham County Veteran's Memorial Park, P.O. Box 52, Ashland City, TN 37015. Those needing forms to submit names for either the wall or a paver can request one at this address or contact Grady Perry, at 615 584 4807.

Donations in any amount are appreciated, and will be used to place additional names on the wall.


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