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DEC Awareness Day April 24, Cheatham Coalition Hosts Raffle to Promote Education

Drug Endangered Children Awareness Day, April 24, 2024, is nationally recognized and focuses on shedding light on the population that is sometimes overlooked in the face of substance misuse. Drug endangered children are youth who are subjected to unsafe environments or also endure trauma due to substance misuse. This can be family, caregivers, or any individuals using, manufacturing, or selling substances in front of youth.

In 2021, there were 52,771 children in Tennessee linked to drug endangered allegations- not taking into account the number of cases that go unreported. Many times, this impacts youth in their daily lives as it makes them more susceptible to abuse, neglect, and trafficking. The Cheatham County Community Enhancement Coalition's (CCCEC) goal is to continue to provide resources, assistance, and education alongside professionals, liaisons, and organizations in order to help change the trajectory of their lives.

The CCCEC is hosting a DEC Day raffle. To take part, visit their website and read a short article about drug endangered children and take the quiz to be entered. Visit the organization's Facebook (@CheathamCoutnyCoalition) page to learn about additional ways to enter the raffle. Prizes are donated by local businesses.


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