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Cubs, War Eagles See Double Losses Under Friday Night Lights

-Daryell Smith

On Friday Oct. 2, the Rebels of Stewart County were guests of the Cheatham County Cubs for a night of football and festivities. 

The visitors took an early lead, and the Cubs' threat to retaliate was cut short by a penalty. While the Rebels continued to score with almost every possession of the pig skin, the Cubs continued to falter. When the final horn sounded, Stewart County rang up a 45--14 victory. 

At halftime, Emma Baker was named Cheatham County Homecoming queen; she was escorted by her brother, Sam Baker.

Across the river, the Sycamore War Eagles traveled to take on the Harpeth Indians for an inner-county rivalry game. It was a hard-fought contest with the Indians pulling out a 28-18 victory. 

This week, the Cubs are back on the road to battle Greenbrier and the War Eagles travel to Stratford.

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