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CrossFit Gym in Pleasant View Thriving

Pleasant View is now home to a CrossFit gym, thanks the dreams and drive of Miles Reidelberger.

“With the numerous houses currently being built in Pleasant View, I realized that CrossFit would eventually make its way here,” says the proud CrossFit WildThing owner.

Opening its doors in late March, the gym, located on Christopher Drive, has seen great success thus far.

“I'm super proud of the gym and love showing it off,” says Reidelberger, a CrossFit Level 2 coach. “It is very strange to think that your dream can affect so many strangers, and yet you are connected by a passion for the same thing."

With a flexible weekly schedule running Monday through Saturday, both classes and open gym slots are offered at convenient times throughout each day.

Monthly membership prices range from $75 a month to $245 a month, depending on how many visits and number of people on the plan. Special discounts are given to local heroes and teens.

“I fell in love with CrossFit five years ago after discovering it by watching a documentary,” Reidelberger says. “I tried it, and quickly jumped all in.” After jumping “all in,” he not only lost 30 pounds, but developed a passion that he can now share with the residents of Pleasant View and surrounding areas. CrossFit WildThing is located at 1014 Christopher Drive. For more information, visit, email, or call 615-247-8699. CrossFit WildThing can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.


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