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COVID-19 Update, Mayor Speaks on Mask Mandate

Cheatham County has a cumulative total of 1,421 confirmed positive COVID-19 tests as of today, November 19- up 22 from yesterday.

Recoveries/inactive cases are at 1,236- up 17 from yesterday. The active case total raises to 169.

The number of related local deaths remains at 16.

There have been 15, 765 negative tests taken to-date.

Yesterday afternoon, Cheatham County Mayor Kerry McCarver released the following statement:

"I understand passions are high and we are all stressed over the COVID pandemic.

My first response about the mandate on July 3 encouraged masks when you cannot social distance. I did not at that time mandate masks for the simple reason there is no way to enforce such directive. There is still no way to enforce a mask mandate.

If I attempted to mandate masks, those who have posted passionately in favor for the mandate would be contacting my office—-and rightly so—-demanding the mandate be enforced.

There are areas outside of a mask mandate that I have made decisions that are in my scope as mayor to deal with the virus.

When the pandemic started to break in March, I closed county buildings to the public for six weeks until we understood the virus better. County services continued even during the closure to the public in most offices.

We have worked to keep our employees safe as they provide vital essential safety to residents of the county. We have ensured ambulance, emergency services, solid waste along with other departments such as sheriff’s office and other most county services have not stopped for one day since the virus first hit Cheatham County.

We ensured and purchased the best PPE and masks for our first responders.

I welcome comments and opinions but please be respectful to each other. We are all in this together and we have a ways to go before enough vaccines will start to turn the tide back to normal.

I’m elected and if you feel the need to be disrespectful to me, that’s okay—-I signed up for it. Between each other on this site, I will not allow someone to tell someone else to “shut up”.... Cheatham County’s better than that. We can disagree and still be good neighbors that respect each other’s opinion.

Please take care and stay safe."

The Cheatham County Health Department has FREE COVID-19 testing available Monday through Friday. For more information, Call 615-792-4318.


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