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COVID-19 Update: Cheatham Co.

Cheatham County has a cumulative total of 832 confirmed positive COVID-19 tests as of today, October 1- up 4 from yesterday.

Recoveries/inactive cases are at 781- also up 4 from yesterday. The active case total remains at 42.

The number of related local deaths remained at 9.

There have been 10,949 negative tests taken to-date.

The Cheatham County Health Department has FREE COVID-19 testing available Monday through Friday. For more information, Call 615-792-4318.

* The reason behind the drastic change in recent numbers being reported is because the state is no longer reporting "recovered" cases. Instead, they will report the number of "inactive/recovered" cases. The new numbers reflect cases that are at least 14 days beyond their illness onset date and who are not deceased.


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