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Commission Moves Forward on Tucker Empson Renos, Juvenile Court Relocation

Photo Credit: Lose

The Cheatham County Commission approved measures at their August 17 meeting that would allow renovations on the Tucker Empson Building to move forward, as well as moving Juvenile Court from its current location in the County Courthouse to where the accounting offices are.

Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the low bid from Nashville-based Wright Construction at $898,000. That cost is solely for construction renovations on the Tucker Empson Building.

County officials and school leaders are still working to get an appraisal done on the land and storage building behind the Tucker Empson Building.

Commissioners also voted to move forward on relocating the Juvenile Court to where the accounting offices currently are in the County Courthouse. Accounting offices will be moved to the current location of the Veterans Service Offices at the county complex at Sycamore Square. The VSO will be moved closer to No Limit Fitness LLC, and an automatic door will be at the front to make entry more convenient for veterans. Renovations at the Sycamore Square offices will include the addition of a unisex, family-type restroom which will be ADA compliant. The commission voted 12-0 to approve bidding out the proposal.

In other business, commissioners voted to approve grant money to be used for the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office to purchase a dump trailer for litter pickup.

Commissioners also voted to move forward on purchasing Plexiglas for sneeze guards for the Register of Deeds office, County Clerk’s Office and for County Commissioners during meetings at the courthouse.


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